Medical Aid and Insurance Companies


About RehabSA

RehabSA has developed an outcomes based software programme that quantifies and measures the recovery process. It has been developed for the palm top computer.  The system has been designed by South African therapist, is extremely easy to use and there is therefore an extremely high level of compliance.


The RehabSA programme incorporates standardisation of diagnosis and treatment using the ICD10 and CPT4 international systems.  There is an impairment/pain/asterisk/ADL ability/cognitive scoring system so progress and therefore cost to benefit ratios can be measured.


The RehabSA system has met with wide acclaim throughout the country and a national network including al the major centres is being established. All data will be uploaded to the central database in Cape Town.   Analysis will be able to provide outcomes based results on a national scale, giving average, best and worst treatment protocols.


For many years it has been widely accepted that physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other members of the paramedical team play a pivotal role in patient recovery.  For example the time that a patient suffering from a back injury takes to return to work, the chance of a relapse, or that the patient returns to work at all, is dependant on the skill and drive of the physiotherapist and the occupational therapist.  The 1995 COID survey shows the annual cost of injury at work to be in the region of R1.4 billion.


When a medical aid invests, say, R30000.00 in a patientís total hip replacement they expect to see benefits to balance the cost in terms of:
  1. reduced medication costs in terms of anti-inflammatories
  2. improved general health due to greater mobility which leads to
  3. sustained cardio-vascular health and
  4. less doctor and hospital visits.

Efficient rehabilitation reduces the number of hospital bed days following surgery and reduces complications such as thrombosis and pneumonia. Achieving a higher level of functional ability reduces the level and the cost of long term care for those suffering from a stroke or other disability. These are only three of the areas in which physiotherapists and the therapeutic team make enormous savings for the insurance and medical funding industry.


RehabSA would like to work with funder organisations to provide the most cost effective treatment for their patients without compromising on quality of care.