The HP Jornada 545 is our choice for a handheld device (palmtop) because it provides us with enough memory to utilize verification within our system.  All our assessments (musculo-skeletal, neurological and respiratory) for in- and out-patients are available.  This ensures easy, user-friendly access to assessments (No more lugging around of paper, or writing up assessments afterwards!).

All assessments and treatments will thus be recorded quickly and comprehensively, At the end of each day, all assessments and treatments recorded are downloaded to the desktop.  From the desktop data is sent via the Net to the central data system. In this way local and national databases may be established for research and later negotiation purposes.

The RehabSA program allows for a one-point-of-entry capturing of patient information, patient history, basic assessments and treatments.  All this information allows the program to automatically generate diagnosis reports, assessment reports and practice statistics.  An exercise-library with pictures and modifiable descriptions is also an asset to the program.

The program was written and runs in the database-system, Access 2000.  The minimum requirements necessary to run the RehabSA-program are: